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A Letter from A Prison Guard in the Newly Built Concentration Camp in Dawanching | Freedom's Herald

The original letter (in Chinese) was posted online by Erkin Azat on May 12, 2019 (link) . The letter has been translated into English by the Torchlight Uyghur Group.

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Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Is Invested in China’s Mass Surveillance Program Used to Monitor Uyghur Muslims

As the United Nations accuses the Chinese government of setting up massive camps in the far-west Xinjiang province to imprison an unknown number of ethnic Uyghurs and other Muslims, Human Rights Watch reports that China is carrying out mass surveillance there using a mobile app that lets authorities monitor the Muslim population. We speak with investigative reporter Lee Fang about an unexpected investor in Chinese surveillance: Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son. And we speak with Human Rights Watch China director Sophie Richardson....

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How China Turned a City Into a Prison

We visited Kashgar several times to see what life is like. We couldn't interview residents - that would have been too risky for them, because we were constantly followed by the police. But the restrictions were everywhere...

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China plays economy card in Uighur dispute

"If you choose a non-constructive path, it will negatively affect mutual trust and understanding and will be reflected in commercial and economic relations," Deng, speaking through a translator, told Reuters in interview.

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China Uses DNA to Track Its People, With the Help of American Expertise

The Chinese authorities turned to a Massachusetts company and a prominent Yale researcher as they built an enormous system of surveillance and control.

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British Muslims Rally to the Uyghur Cause

Muslims in London are supporting the Uyghur cause, spurred on to take up the challenge and stand against the atrocities being metered out by Beijing.

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China uses DNA tech to spy on people. Yale geneticist and a U.S. biotech helped.

“The Chinese authorities turned to a Massachusetts company and a prominent Yale researcher as they built an enormous system of surveillance and control.”

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China's hidden camps

  • China is accused of locking up hundreds of thousands of Muslims without trial in its western region of Xinjiang.
  • The government denies the claims, saying people willingly attend special “vocational schools” which combat “terrorism and religious extremism”.
  • Now a BBC investigation has found important new evidence of the reality.
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Muslims in China are forced to 'eat pork and drink alcohol' at Lunar New Year dinners and are threatened with imprisonment in re-education camps if they refuse to take part

Photos sent to RFA also showed a Chinese official in Yining city visiting Muslim households and distributing raw pork on Monday, the eve of the Year of the Pig. People were also forced to display Chinese New Year decorations such as red lanterns and couplets outside their homes.

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DC Direct: China's Uyghur Community

The Chinese government has recently admitted to holding Uyghurs in camps for what they call “re-education" and to combat terrorism in the region, but human rights activists and camp survivors tell a very different story. Tune into #DCDirect as we speak with Bahram Sintash, whose father is currently in the camps, and attorney/activist Nury Turkel, to talk about China's marginalized Uyghur community.

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Uygur restaurateur from Xinjiang, detained in Turkey for suspected terror links, wary of China’s reach

  • Kerem Mamut was held for three months in Turkey deportation centres
  • He was suspected of communicating with two people who had links to a terrorist organisation
  • He believes Turkey may have been cooperating with Chinese authorities
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China pushes Xinjiang internment camps out of sight, out of reach

An estimated 1 million members of ethnic minorities are being held in internment camps in China’s far west. Beijing says the camps offer 'training' and people will gradually be released, but in fact the camps are growing larger and more isolated.

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The Sinicization and Suppression of China’s Muslim Uyghurs

The Chinese state-approved path to Islam and Uyghur culture now dictates every aspect of the Uyghurs existence and reality.

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An “Ethical Tariff” on China to Defeat Silence and Tepidity

A major three-partisan conference on religious freedom in China held at the European Parliament urged international institutions to wake up in the face of CCP brutality.

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