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RE: Intention to Boycott China

Dear Sirs:

We are Ummah Uyghur Awareness Coalition, an association of Muslims in America who joined to raise awareness of the crisis that is currently displacing, detaining, and suppressing the Uyghur Muslims of East Turkestan (other ethnic Turks are also included). This letter serves to inform you that because of the oppressive policies the Chinese government commits against the Uyghur, Ummah Uyghur Awareness Coalition has taken on the task of presenting this issue to the American consumer for the purpose of soliciting their support to boycott “Made-in-China” products and services. Our intent is to publicize this crisis in order to highlight the policies of the People’s Republic of China against the Uyghur and as a result, bring sufficient economic sanctions against China that will force them to shut down their internment camps, release the Uyghur and return them to their homes in East Turkestan.

FYI, the Chinese government has been accused by Human Rights watchers, the UN, and the U.S. Congress for blatant human rights violations against the Uyghur Muslims of East Turkestan along with other Turkic ethnicities in the region. Your company’s business profile professes to promote fair and ethical business practices, while China’s government initiates a classic model of human slavery and imprisonment that includes detainment, torture, and rape. By default, your trade with China: product production and product sales—promotes and aides these inhumane atrocities.

Do you really want to be known as a trade partner with China, a government that is accused and found guilty of gross mistreatment and oppression of a people because they are not Chinese? Are your consumers informed that every penny they spend on “Made-in-China” products buys industries to surveil, detain, and murder the Uyghur people? If they knew, would they spend their money on “Made-in-China” products? We think not. We also believe that when you become aware of the oppression and suppression China is launching against the Uyghur, you may reconsider or redefine your trade relations with the PRC, and at least bar some if not all of your dealings with this country.

China’s economy depends on its trading partners. At the same time, your company is a major distributor of Chinese products in the U.S. and around the world. Based on the evidence of China’s religious and cultural oppression of the Uyghur people along with the satellite images supporting the Chinese government’s constructing and populating “20th Century Concentration Camps” for the Uyghur and other ethnic Turks in the region, a BOYCOTT of all the “Made-inChina” goods and products is strategic and justified to bring economic sanctions against the PRC’s oppressive government policies targeting a people because of their ethnicity and because of their religion.

Ummah Uyghur Awareness Coalition will boycott your company until and unless you describe a policy that sends China a message that you will not support their maltreatment of the Uyghur now or in the future. Some companies are already reviewing the feasibility of trade with China, and sourcing alternatives to implement without the least evasive impact on their profit margin. We are also launching a program that will allow individual consumers to participate in this boycott by maximizing available technology, social media, and grassroots capabilities to promote this boycott of China’s U.S. companies, its affiliates, as subsidiaries as we receive information of the same until and unless China releases the Uyghur and returns them to East Turkestan without reprisal.

By informing you of our intent, we have fulfilled our responsibility to you and to your consumers. We pray you will seriously consider your economic engagement with China, and weigh the cost of some modicum loss to the cost of as many as 3,000,000 lives – freedom to these Uyghur could mean increased human resources for the market. Consider this while responding to our action plan.

Ms. Zaynab Abdullah,
Ummah Uyghur Awareness Coalition

(Please copy and paste this letter and ASAP mail out to each CEO company address listed. Please use your return address for this mailer then send an email to informing UUAC that you did send all companies a letter. Ten people sending 12 letters is 120 letters per company CEO—"Yes You Can!")

Boycott China!!!

For suppression...
detainment and genocide of Uyghur East Turkistan Muslims...

Stop supporting China's economic colonization and their "Belt to Road" Initiative that means persecution,dislocation and virtual eradication of the Muslims in East Turkistan.


Boycott all Chinese products and American companies that support China's devilish hidden agenda.


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