UUA Action Items

“What Can You Do?”

  • Revive and perform five daily prayers and Sunna prayers to please Allah; to increase the effect of your du’aa against oppression and the oppressors.
  • Commit to waking up a small portion of the night in Tahujjud to beg Allah (T’ala) to relieve the Uyghur people and all people under oppression anywhere in the world. Du’aa is our armor and sword -- the greatest weapon we have.
  • Seek forgiveness through Taubah for any oppression we are committing or have committed. We do not want to be the cause of Allah’s wrath.
  • We suggest you, your group, club, or organization join the UUA Coalition by contacting us by email: uuac1440@gmail.com or through our contact form on this website
  • Link to the president and congressional representatives by signing on to nodeadsouls.com
  • Call or write the White House to ask the President to sign Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act after it is passed.
  • Commit to remind one person every day about the Uyghur Muslim crisis in East Turkestan: family member, neighbor, friend, coworker.
    Suggested dialogue:

  • “Did you know that the Uyghur Muslims in America cannot talk to their family members in East Turkestan without fear of the Chinese government punishing them, confining them, or killing them?”
  • “Did you know that over 1 million Uyghur of East Turkestan have been removed from their homes and placed in “re-education camps”, which are the same as Hitler’s concentration camps?”
  • “Did you know that a Uyghur Muslim is not allowed to read Quran, pray, speak Arabic, or even perform ablution in any way without fear of punishment from the Chinese government authorities?”
  • “Did you know that Uyghur children are also being placed in re-education camps and Chinese orphanages when they are separated from their parents to be reprogrammed, taught to be Chinese, and taught to hate Islam?”
  • “Did you know that this Chinese government oppression of the Uyghur people is to eradicate Islam in the region and assimilate the Muslims as Chinese? Did you know that the Chinese are communists and atheist, which means they suppress the practice of religion?
  • Boycott Chinese products whenever you can: clothing, shoes, cosmetics, etc. Make your intention to use retail companies that do not manufacture or import their goods from China.
  • Help us generate a Not-Made-In-China web page by accessing our website and printing our N-M_I_C Shopping List to identify products that are not made or manufactured in China. This way, we may redirect sales from China to non-Chinese small businesses.
  • Buy made in America, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Philippines, and other countries – not China.
  • Support Muslim businesses that do not sell goods to or from China.
  • Email the President and demand that he use his power to request American businesses to boycott Chinese industry until the Chinese government changes its policies against Islam and the Uyghur Muslims, releases the Uyghur Muslims, and closes its incarceration concentration camps

  • Whitehouse Email: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/
  • President Trump twitter:


  • Contact your local masjid imams to enforce a boycott of Chinese products.
  • Request the imams call for community members to support the boycott of Chinese goods to put pressure on China that may finally lead to a halt to their ability to afford their policies against the Uyghur Muslims.
  • As a family, commit to some action to support a boycott against China.
  • When you talk to your relatives, inform them about the Chinese oppression of their brothers, sisters, and children in East Turkestan; request they make dua for them, especially in the Witr prayer.
  • Contact people overseas to find out if they would be willing to form a coalition with UUA in America and help raise global awareness for the Uyghur Muslims and against China.
  • Keep informed about any political action -- legislation, proposals, hearings, etc. that the U.S. Congress or Senate is pursuing regarding this crisis. Support all of these actions against China by writing letters, calling, or making a personal appointment to speak with the representative.
  • Keep informed about any action the United Nations is considering or pursuing regarding the Chinese oppression against Uyghur Muslims, and write letters to your country’s UN representative to support actions against China.
  • Consider forming a group of fellow Muslims from your country of origin to decide an action plan to address the Uyghur crisis to your country’s President, Prime Minister, and Ambassador to the U.S.
  • Sign up to join UUA’s email list.
  • Suggest other ways UUA may become proactive against oppression in China and around the world.

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